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The text below is our user site agreement. These are the terms and conditions required for access to our site. Please read completely before deciding to agree or disagree with these terms.

TERMS OF PROPER USE  DEFINITIONS AllPrivilegesandImmunities operates multiple sites. When the term AllPrivilegesandImmunities is mentioned, it includes all associate sites as well as third-party sites linked to or hosted here. All these must conform to the TERMS OF SERVICE. TERMS OF SERVICE includes several pages not limited to these here.  TERMS AllPrivilegesandImmunities operates its site from offices in the USA. Should any content in this site be illegal in your physical location, then the access to this site is prohibited. By viewing these terms, you agree to conform to and be bound by them and all other local, national and international laws covering this site. If you do not agree, do not use this site. Laws governing this site are the laws of the State of Wisconsin and the USA.  COPYRIGHT AND TRADEMARK LAWS Applicable copyright and trademark law govern the published, unpublished pages as well as scripts and computer code. All trademarks and copyrights belong to their owners. This site is being published for your free enjoyment, not to violate applicable laws.  INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY Applicable intellectual property laws govern the published, unpublished pages as well as scripts, computer code and other intellectual properties and business ideas and practices. All intellectual properties belong to their owners. This site is being published for your free enjoyment. However, by viewing the AllPrivilegesandImmunities site, you will learn inventions, discoveries and improvements of business ideas and computer code. You agree not to implement, copy and/or reverse engineer ideas, computer code or business practices. LICENSE TO USE Being available on the internet, permission is obviously given to temporarily download and view web pages. This is not to be considered a transfer of ownership rights, but rather a license to view and use as applicable the material. It does not grant you a license to copy the material, nor to sell or otherwise transfer it, nor to use it's computer code or reverse engineer it, nor to frame the content from another web-page nor to mirror the content.  DISCLAIMER OF SITE Any material and/or objects of auction or classifieds are provided "AS IS". AllPrivilegesandImmunities does not make warranties of any kind, expressed or implied. AllPrivilegesandImmunities disclaims all and any other warranties, including without limitation, warranties of merchantability, reasonability, usefulness for any purpose, non-infringement of trademarks, copyrights or intellectual properties or any other possible violations of anybody's rights. AllPrivilegesandImmunities does not warrant the accuracy and reliability of any material on its web site or linked to its site or mentioned in any other medium, printed or otherwise.  LIMITATION Under no circumstances shall AllPrivilegesandImmunities be liable for any damages, including without limitation, damages for loss of data, loss of profit, business interruption, arising from the use or non-use or inability to use or incapability to use any material on it's site.  ERRORS AND REVISIONS Obviously, errors can and will happen, including technical, typographical and photographical error. AllPrivilegesandImmunities will not warrant that any of the material on its site is complete, current or accurate. Furthermore, AllPrivilegesandImmunities reserves the right to make changes to it's site as well as to any offers for business, auctions and classified ads at any time and without notice, which includes these TERMS OF SERVICE pages.  LINKS AllPrivilegesandImmunities cannot review all the sites it links too nor all the sites it is being linked from. Thus, it cannot be responsible for ever-changing content of these websites or the internet at large. The use of any links are at the user's own risk. AllPrivilegesandImmunities encourages links to its main portal or individual sites. All links must conform as follows below: You may not state that you are part of AllPrivilegesandImmunities or endorsed by it.   You should not link to individual web pages, as they change. You may also not use frames to do so, as some pages may not work properly.   AllPrivilegesandImmunities may, at its sole discretion, ask you to terminate the link and you agree    now you will do so immediately. PRIVACY & SECURITY  YOUR PRIVACY Your privacy is very important to us as it is to you. AllPrivilegesandImmunities will NOT sell, rent or share information to anybody, except if ordered to do so by law. However, this site may contain links to outside web sites that may not conform to these promises, thus be sure you keep this in mind when you leave the main associated sites.  SECURE AUCTIONS AND CLASSIFIED ADS Please make sure you have a secure page on your browser before submitting critical information. Sometimes you may not see the "secure" sign, but you can still submit the form secure if it says so. IF in doubt, please email the site. The software encrypts personal information, making sure that your information stays private and protected.  ABUSE OF SERVICE AND SPAMMING  GENERAL ABUSE OF SERVICE You may use the service offered as stated in a reasonable manner. If your use infringes on the ability for others to use the services too, AllPrivilegesandImmunities reserves the right to discontinue service to you.  CREDIT CARD ABUSE Any fraudulent use of credit cards and checks and non-payment for service or products will be turned over to the applicable authorities. Further, such information may be submitted to credit reporting services and it may be shared with other merchants and organizations to prevent future abuse. Last but not least, all attempts will be made to recover loses incurred by AllPrivilegesandImmunities, which may include civil and criminal procedures. Any abuse hurts not just this business, but also all customers. They do pay such overhead eventually.  SPAMMING AND UNSOLICITED COMMERCIAL EMAIL AllPrivilegesandImmunities does not allow unsolicited commercial email as well as SPAM and prohibits other than intended use for mailing lists. While unsolicited commercial email is like junk mail, SPAM is mostly intrusive and irrelevant to the address to which it is being sent. Mailing lists also should contain clear and easy removal instructions, preferably links with the email address embedded. Practice has shown that people who do not know how to responsibly do so and also that many addresses are wrong and have changed operate many mailing lists. Thus, they clog up the system. Unsolicited commercial email and SPAM are not allowed on the AllPrivilegesandImmunities site and thus may terminate the offending site.  Notice is hereby given to all operators of unsolicited commercial email, SPAM and MAILING LISTS that AllPrivilegesandImmunities may charge for the removal of such misdirected and repeated emails.  HACKING A SITE Illegal/Unauthorized Access to our computers and scripts will be prosecuted to the fullest extend of the law.  MISC. ACTIVITIES While it may be legal to do something, it may not be in the best interest of AllPrivilegesandImmunities. Thus, AllPrivilegesandImmunities reserves the right to discontinue service to anybody for the greater good, or for it's own business interests.  Any questions or ideas, please contact us via email at Thanks
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